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Welcome to the Welcare Headache Center

The staff of the  Welcare headache  Center is dedicated to providing relief of pain and suffering to children and adults with chronic migraines, tension-type, cluster and other types of headaches,post-concussion syndrome, cranial neuralgias, and facial pain. Our headache specialists provide compassionate care and always employ integrative medicine, that is a combination of traditional medicine, as well as methods variously categorized as functional, complementary or alternative therapies. Many of these complementary therapies and Botox injections help our patients achieve and maintain relief without the need for conventional medications.

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Welcare Hospital is a 100 beded multispeciality hospital located in SA Road very near to Vyttila Junction. Total build up area is 60000 sq. feet with necessary convenience and equipments to give efficient medical treatment. There are four operation theatres and labour room. Sri. P.M. Sebastian is the Managing Partner of Welcare Hospital.

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